Monday, August 20, 2012


Ok don't want anyone to get excited, it's nothing off color. I have been on a 'work hiatus' for the past two months. Other than finishing up some long standing projects, I have been doing research about how I can use and market my skills as a librarian in another manner.  I have been reading a book about how to find your passions in life and use them.  I came across the book because it was referenced in another book.  Librarians call this 'citation chasing'.  I had to buy it because my library did not own it but as it was only $2.99 at Amazon I could live with that.  It's probably a good thing because every time I pick it up something I placed on hold from the library comes in.  It's been tough to get through anyway, not really sure why.  I know what my passions are; research, baking, knitting, reading and ballroom dance.  Sad part is that the only one of those that is really transferable to a career for me is the research.
Over the course of my life I have thought about opening a patisserie, or a yarn shop but honestly it wouldn't work for me.  I am terrible at retail and too much of an introvert to market my own business.  As I think I mentioned before I did have my own professional organizing business but didn't do very well selling the business.  I know what I am capable of why can't people just see that in me?  Could also be why I am still on a 'work hiatus'.   I also need a steady income and employer provided health insurance to survive happily. After much soul searching I finally realized entrepreneurship is not for me. I have thought about writing a book as well and once I come up with a good story line I will try to write something that is more for public consumption and not simply for my eyes only.
That leaves the ballroom dancing.  This is without question the real passion in my life.  I haven't danced for almost six weeks and I am miserable.  Sadly it is not a pastime for those on a 'work hiatus'.  It is a very expensive obsession and requires a viable income to pursue it.  I learned the hard way the last time I wasn't working but kept dancing, and  I am still paying for that.  If I were 30 years younger I could find a way to dance while unemployed but at nearly 50 that's not an option.  So here I sit, trying to find a way to follow my one big passion and keep Mojo in the manner to which he has become accustomed.

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