Monday, May 7, 2012

Blogging 101 from my perspective.

For some time I have toyed with the idea of writing a blog but I couldn’t see how anything I had to say would be remotely interesting to anyone.   Having seen and read Julie and Julia as well as reading Jen Lancaster’s books I thought perhaps I  could do this.  I don’t exactly want to open myself up to public ridicule so I chose to play it safe and only make this seen by my Facebook friends.  At some level it is much less painful to be ridiculed by people you know than by perfect strangers.  That is probably somewhat twisted logic but I would hope that those who have ‘friended’ me on Facebook would truly be a bit kinder than those who don’t know me.  Although I’m sure since I am using Google’s blog tools it could become searchable to much of humanity.  The thing that delayed the onset was coming up with a name.  I wanted it to sound interesting and reflect the things about which I would be writing.

There is an old adage for authors which states ‘write what you know’.  I had thought at first I would entitle this Confessions of a Spinster Librarian while this is accurate it wouldn’t work for a number of reasons:
1.      It sounds like a bad porn movie.
2.      It makes me sound dateless and desperate.  I’ve come to accept being nearly 50 and still single – but that is for another post.
3.      While yes, I am currently a librarian I am trying to re-brand myself so Confessions of an Information Professional was a bit too wordy though less pornographic sounding in nature.

As I mention in my first post when asked about what I wished to write I had replied life and stuff.  The stuff, if I adhere to the writer’s adage, about which I know or claim to know, is the following: knitting, ballroom dance, cooking, work and seeking of same, being an introvert, my cat and just about life in general.  Admittedly for most of the things on this list I have friends, colleagues or acquaintances that are much more skilled than I.  Please know this is only my point of view.  As many of you know I have a somewhat snarky attitude toward many things – I have actually had other words used but I’m trying to keep this G rated or PG at the very least.  I also don’t want any of my family members who might read this thinking I have a mouth like a – insert euphemism of your own choosing.  My friends know otherwise.  Speaking of my friends they should not fear. This is not a journal of any type.  I am not going to write anything personal in nature unless it directly applies to me.  If I mention any of my friends there will be nothing negative and they will be referred to in only general terms.  I value my friendships and would do nothing to jeopardize those.  I am going to endeavor to keep things very general and stay away from controversial subjects.  This is not going to be a forum for me to rant and rave about life but an effort to look at things in a more humorous light and perhaps help me get over the panic attacks that have recently been plaguing me.  If any of my friends think I have crossed a line send me an e-mail and I will pull the posting.  As to the general public - if they don't like what I have to say then let them write their own blog.

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