Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Crazy Animals

Well I finally figured out how to make this work on my iPad. Score one for the librarian. Of course free wi-fi at an outlet mall while eating a falafel pita helps too. Today seems to be crazy animal day. I have a suet feeder on the tree in my front yard which was empty the last few months of cold weather. Hey, I had the suet it was just too cold to go out to fill it so what do I do? I wait until it's warm out and the birds don't need it, makes sense to me.  I have had a few blue jays and a cardinal stop by to partake; I only filled it two days ago. I arrived home earlier than usual to find two rodent thieves, a.k.a. squirrels, were in the tree and a majority of the suet was gone.  When I got out of the car and approached the tree one of them ran away.  The second more urban commando of the two sat in the base where the two main branches met at the trunk watching me, daring me to come closer.  He was just sort of lounging there; if he could speak a language I understood would have been saying “Yeah babe, you wanna a piece of me?  Come on get closer.”  Give the fact that I had just returned from a job interview and was wearing the only thing I had that remotely resembled a suit and that this was a rodent who could potentially carry rabies I opted to keep my distance.  I was less than three feet away from him, however, and he still wouldn’t move.  Well I guess he got tired of my verbal assaults and did eventually run up the tree but still remained there.  I went into my bedroom to change my clothes and we were again eye to eye and it was his turn to issue epithets to me from a safe distance.  I gave up on this issue figuring it wasn’t worth making myself look like the crazy neighbor over 99 cent suet blocks.

While I had been bringing my things in from the car a fly got in the house.  Since I was dealing with psycho squirrel I let it be hoping the cat wouldn’t find it.  My hope was in vain however, because at one point I looked up towards the front door to see Mojo not only catch but eat the fly.  Of course at that moment I was not able to get up quickly to prevent it and again yelling at him did no good.  I am assuming that he appeared in good health for the remainder of the evening, digesting the fly did him no harm.  At least I know he’s a good hunter unlike my previous Siamese who would look at me as if the say “You want me to catch that?” they didn’t chase critters they hired minions to do it for them.

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