Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Some of Life's Truths

This one is a given but I was musing over it as I was driving home the other day:

  • If you are running late be it at the grocery store or driving you will end up behind someone who is not.

The rest are more pertinent to me:

  • Locking the car because your phone and purse are in there is pointless if your back window is open all the way.
Luckily I was at someone’s house and it was only a short stop.

  • Always use the rest room before getting on a major highway, even for a short trip.  If not, you are guaranteed to be stuck in traffic.
This I have learned over years of having an hour commute to work each way.

  • Never tell your cat you’ll be home at the normal time and then you’ll spend the evening on the couch with him – it doesn’t happen.
Yes, I talk to my cat.  Does that make me crazy?  I think not; he is a living, thinking being.  Also when I am actually talking to myself it makes me look less eccentric.  On that subject the hands free devices for cell phones are the greatest invention for mankind.  Now I can talk to myself while I’m driving and no one will know it.  It comes in handy when I’m driving home late at night trying to stay awake as caffeine is no longer an option for me.

  • Trying to be funny in an e-mail or text always ends up backfiring – the icons included for text or e-mail don’t always go through.

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